CWET, ANTS, ATRN, OPMG | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CWET

Starting last Wednesday, we began to notice that the CWET chart was ripening for a bottom play; at the time trading as low as .105. We pounded the table as we saw the MACD begin to converge into a cross, and keeping our readers informed through the whole process, and indeed what ensued was the breakout that we had anticipated.

Volume exploded on Monday, the stock hit new highs, and closed at its high of day (.18) up over 70% from our original alert.

Yesterday’s closing momentum is likely to lead to a morning gap-up today, which is often accompanied by a slight pullback, and subsequent leveling off.


ANTS Software, Inc. ANTS

Yesterday, ANTS hit a high of .0328. From our initial flag of this play on Groundhog Day (Feb 2) when the stock was trading in the .003 range, we’ve made a TEN BAGGER with this play.

To be exact, ANTS has yielded us gains ranging from 566-993% in matter of only four trading sessions. We don’t have to stress how big of a deal that is, although of late, this sort of gain has been all but commonplace for us!

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN hit another new high for us yesterday of .24, representing a 1521% gain from our maiden alert on January 4th!

Prior to this point, we were already extremely pleased with ATRN’s performance, making these added gains feel like just a bonus at this point.

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. OPMG

Like the rest of our recent bottom plays that we’ve called, OPMG shot out of the gate strong on Monday, ranging from .0063-.0085 for a quick 35% intraday gain.

The stock traded more than 5X its 3mo average volume, managing to close the day up a modest 12%  Not bad for the first day on our bottom play watchlist, so we are excited to see what it can do in the days ahead.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: