Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL, PTX, ARTX & Extended Watchlist

A Word on the Apple-Beats Rumor

If you read or watch the news, chances are you’ve caught wind of the rumors surrounding Apple’s potential acquisition of Beats Electronics, purveyor of the vastly popular Beats by Dre brand of upscale headphones and speakers. It has certainly sent investors scrambling in recent days, as people attempt to ascertain the effects of a proposed $3.2B deal that would trump any of Apple’s acquisitions to date.

Price targets from some analysts are ranging from $600 to over $750/share when all is said and done. We’re not in the game of speculating that far ahead, but given the current conditions of the chart, if AAPL can break its previous swing high of $604.40, we could be in for another major run.

Some of our longer-term readers might recall latter half of last year, when we achieved possible percentage gains numbering in the thousands trading AAPL options as the stock trended up for several months culminating in December.

As with any rumor, we always need to consider the possibility that one or both parties will back away, but assuming it does go through, it could be one of the top stories in finance for many months to come. The deal would make Dr. Dre the world’s first hip-hop billionaire, and would conceivably outfit many if not all future Apple devices with one of the more popular names in audio.  This is definitely a storyline that we feel is worth following, so stay tuned.


Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. PTX

We’ve got PTX on watch today after a morning PR (PERNIX Signs Agreement to Acquire TREXIMET® Tablets for Migraine From GSK) has caused the stock to gap up over 40% in morning trading to its highest levels since March.

In situations like these, we often see a couple of things; after the upward momentum has died out the stock could be a target for shorters. Profit-takers can also contribute to a reversal, which always has the possibility of allowing us to take advantage of dip-and-rip opportunities.


Arotech Corp. ARTX

ARTX is another gapper, continues to rise in pre-market trading today on the strength of increased earnings outlined in a post-market PR yesterday.

The situation remains the same as previously mentioned; we like to monitor these types of plays, because sniping gains from stocks in this situation has become our bread-and-butter. No volatile run can sustain itself indefinitely, always leading to a subsequent course correction, and we like to lay in wait for the perfect time to pounce.


Extended Watchlist: