Blue Horseshoe Stock Report – 08/23/11

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

EMXC saw a pullback to its support level of .0015 yesterday, only to close out the day strongly at .0018, just one tick below the high of day.

We continue to stick with this play for many reasons, not least of which is the continuously impressive chart.

We are awaiting an update on last Thursday’s PR, which announced EMXC’s partnership with Anything Technologies Media Inc. (EXMT.PK), and the intent to begin releasing major music CDs starting midway through this week. We could see another PR tomorrow outlining more details.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO is building more support in the .007 range; we want to remain cautious here to ensure that the support holds strong at this level. This small consolidation comes on the heels of a run to .0105, so ideally we are looking for a bounce here.

We are still holding over 50% of our gains from .0025, which is a strong indicator that the stock could indeed push higher.

The price of gold hit a new high on Monday,  just above $1900- good news for a company that expects to be pulling more than 1000 oz of gold PER DAY from its recently assayed “WOW Property”.

“The assay from the WOW Property has confirmed .324 ounces of gold per ton per day from sustained positive results from testing where 5,000 tons of earth per day is expected to be turned. This assay report for the WOW Property was done by Advanced Laboratories, Inc. under LAB NO. 30255-01. A copy of the Test Certificate of the assay report will be placed on the company’s website to view under the name of the company’s Mining Consultant, Mel Carson. A total of 1,620 ounces of gold per day is expected to be generated from this claim. The company expects the net cost for mining the claims for gold to be less than $600 per ounce of gold.”

Once the company proves that its assessed resources are indeed legitimate, we can expect to see a MAJOR spike in PPS. After all, more than one million dollars in gold per day could be streaming into EXTO’s hands upon the proposed start of production in October.

Blue Horseshoe Stock Report – 08/22/11

eMax Holdings Corp. EMXC

EMXC has settled in to build a nice base at .0015 and .0016. We continuously witness the stock building higher levels of support on its ascent from .0005. This new level of support should be the next springboard for another upswing. Like all stocks we monitor, we watch closely for resistance levels being broken, and the next one on this chart seems to be sitting roughly at .0024.If you notice the chart, we have pointed out the fact that the RSI seems to be heavily linked to the PPS, and seems to show strength as the price surges. Alternatively, we can see that buying opportunities are afforded when the RSI dips into a trough, like we are currently observing.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

We are looking at EXTO again, as the chart shapes up nicely. The stock has built significant support at the current base of .007. If we look back a few months, we notice that the this stock likes to surge on heavy volume.We have also seen a MACD cross in the past week, which is a bullish indicator that we are always on the lookout for. If you’ll notice the red candle showing yesterday’s trading range, which we feel is an unfair representation.

We are vigilant traders, and constantly monitoring the Level 2’s on stocks we cover, and we can assure you that the .006’s that printed Friday morning were negligible, and chances are, no one was able to secure a significant position at that level.

Dinewise, Inc. DWIS

There are several things happening on the DWIS chart this morning as well. Aside from a rising RSI, and an impending cross of the MACD,  we notice that this is another stock that rises easily on heavy volume.In addition, the last occurrence of a MACD cross also brought a spike on the order of .08 to .13. High volume in May signaled a run all the way up to .18. August has brought higher volume to the stock, and it seems as if conditions are just right for another upswing.