Double-Baggers Across the Board, Fresh Plays

SPY, TSLA Options Record Solid Moves: 

We kicked off the holiday-shortened week yesterday morning with a couple of off-the-cuff options ideas for the SPY and TSLA with no earnings reporters to spice things up on the day. Despite a decline in the markets for most of the session, our SPY Calls recorded some notable runs early on in the day, while TSLA turned out to be a really good short.

The particular targets that we selected for monitoring in our premarket report were the SPY 01/03 $383-384 Calls, and the TSLA Weekly $120-118 Puts. Two-for-two on the first trading day of the year sets a good tone for 2023, and leaves us with high hopes for another great year. Here were the gains that were there for the taking yesterday, all of which secured double-bag status:

SPY 01/03 $383-384 Calls
 .46-.94 (+104%)
$384: .28-.58 (+107%)

TSLA Weekly $120-118 Puts
$120: 5.55-15.60 (+181%)
$119: 5.08-14.75 (+190%)
$118: 4.55-13.80 (+203%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 01/04 $382-383 Calls
SGH 01/20 $15-17.50 Calls

Jasper Therapeutics, Inc. JSPR – NASDAQ Recap:

We’ve been getting some lower-priced NASDAQ plays popping off of our daily watchlists with greater frequency, even during a time of year when the OTC tends to see more activity. Yesterday morning’s standout NASDAQ runner was JSPR, which shot up 138% as it ran from a daily low of 1.60, up as high as 3.80.

Extended Watchlist: